Boat Name: Banckert
Year Launched: 1965
Country: Netherlands
Constructed By: N.V. Scheepswerven v/h H.H. Bodewes in Millingen a/d Rijn. On order of L. Smit & Cos International Sleepdienst in Rotterdam
Size: Length 32.75 meters, beam 7.85 meters, draft 3.4 meters

Actual Dimensions of Model: Length 26 inches, Height 20 inches.
Year Model Built: December 21, 2001 – January 23, 2002.

Historical Significance:
The tugboat “Maasbank” served for twelve years in the western part of Holland, called “Europoort”. She also took part in several salvages on the North Sea and towed vessels in the area from France to Norway. On Sept 1, 1977, she was transferred to a sister company called “Nieuwe Vlissingen Sleepdienst” which is situated in Vlissingen where she was named Banckert.