Boat Name: Bluenose
Year Launched: 1921
Country: Canada

Actual Dimensions of Model: Length 30 inches, Height 27 inches
Year Model Built: January 30, 2002 – February 28, 2002
Model Construction Hours: 158 hours

Historical Significance:
In the shipping and yachting history the schooner Bluenose is mentioned several times. She was launched in Nova Scotia in 1921 and was built to be a fishing boat to operate in the rough waters off the coast of Newfoundland. Very soon her speed became apparent and she won all the great classic sailing races on the American east coast. Her fame as a fishing boat that had become the fastest yacht was widespread and she was stamped on coins and printed on stamps.

Her glorious career was finished in 1946 on a reef near Haiti. Money was raised to launch an exact copy, Bluenose II, in 1964. Since then this boat has been a vivid and very fine symbol of bygone days.