Boat Name: Le Soleil Royal
Year Launched: 1669
Country: France
Constructed By: L. Hubac at Brest ship yards. Sculptures by Caysevox.
Size: 2000 tons
Guns: 104

Actual Dimensions of Model: Length 43 inches, Height 35 inches.
Year Model Built: December 6, 2007 – April 9, 2008
Model Construction Hours: 640 hours

Historical Significance:
This ship is the first of three “Le Soleil Royal” built during the military glory of the Royal French Navy and is the richest, better known & the finest. In 1688, the ship became famous for her fire power, sail impressiveness & splendor during Louis XIV’s war against the League of Asbourg, a planned alliance by William of Orange.

On May 29, 1692, flagship of Admiral Tourville, she sailed for the most bloody battle of the century between the coasts of LeHavre and Cherbourg. On June 1, 1692, she was rammed by a small English brigg ending her short life and the king “Le Soleil” age of his power. Two other “Le Soleil” ships were launched but were destroyed shortly thereafter and for this reason the name “Le Soleil” was considered a name with no luck.